Myst Cosmetics is a Chennai based start-up founded in 2019 right before the covid19 global lockdown, we absolutely strived through the chaos to provide our warriors with the finest quality of makeup products that has been formulated according to our inhouse team of skin experts. The products have been tested continuously for more than a year with constant improvement until we landed with the right consistency of application. Having sustainability as a long term and absolute factor for our products and packaging, We have launched the first and foremost pilot palette 'DRAMA TAKE I" to embrace and uplift the La Vida loca in you. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, Whichever way you swing, we got you covered in our my strength squad with the most elite yet affordable and sustainable products. We would love to build a valiant squad of human beings fighting and winning their own battles in life. We encourage you to keep your strength up with a twist of attitude and DRAMA to keep the 'other dramas' away.​